Thinking Basketball Now Available on Amazon

Excited to announce that my new book, Thinking Basketball, is now available on Amazon in paperback.

The book is largely a culmination of the ideas on this blog over the years, using our own cognition to explore misconceptions about the NBA. It’s built on the concepts that have been presented on this blog (some of which I’ll try and re-upload this summer), as well as new research that was developed specifically for the book.

It would not exist without you, the reader, supporting this blog over the years and constantly participating to improve the ideas shared in this space. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!

Some core topics:

  • Averaging 50 points per game is rarely better than averaging 20
  • Why “Chokers” aren’t always chokers
  • How winning warps our memories, and thus our narratives about players and teams
  • The value of clutch play and closers
  • Building championship teams and the value of one-on-one play